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Internet-marketing discussion forum’s are the best way to get the information you need to kick start your Internet Marketing Business. You will get and hear a lot of advice from those on the Forum, but when you pick a niche try not to be so broad in the spectrum,  I believe that by focusing on just one niche (health is not a niche – it’s a giant marketplace composed of thousands of specific niches) you have the opportunity to become an expert or authority in a specific area and become different and important to your audience in that niche. Lets say you pick Weight loss as your niche.

Why is anyone going to come to your site rather than one of the huge well funded already established Weight loss   sites? What do you offer that is unique and that the other big sites don’t have?

Why am I or anyone else compelled to visit your site? What benefits do you offer that I can’t get elsewhere?

You need to be specific with your niche ideas. Basically, you can’t talk about Weight loss and not be specific in one area. For example, If your niche is about the health benefits of losing weight, be more specific and talk about the way in which they can lose that weight. Your main focus and research should be on one area that you have become an expert in. In that one area you will research the topic to death until you are the Authority on it. Because with all the research you will do to back up your work and to be cutting edge you need to love the topic.



  1. jeremy

    nice content.internet marketing has really taken over the whole world and in the next decade it will probably be the only means to survive.cos 20% of the world population are aware of what progress they can make from it.i am practically focusing on internet marketting and i hope it get the best of it

    • Michael Murphy

      Thanks for the response jeremy on “Internet Marketing”, I do believe you are correct, that the internet will be a source of survival for some in the next decade. And you can count on the Internet being the source for all Internet Marketing communication. Internet Marketing is booming, but Don;t forget that to have a good foundation you have to have a good WEBSITE!! fully loaded with comprehensible, easy to follow, step-by-step instruction. I have searched high & low for a good platform that is user friendly that anyone can follow. I have been working with Weathy-Afiliate and have not yet found a better platform. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/wa-affiliate-bootcamp-starting-your-foundation/a_aid/8d25e51d

  2. Neil

    I do agree that internet marketing forums are great for finding that much-needed support you need for starting an online business to making one profitable.

    I used to be a member of the Warrior Forum, and there’s so much to learn from experts, it’s unreal. But at the same time, forums, especially the biggest ones can be overwhelming at times.

    So it’s best to handle forum information in bite-sized chunks.

    Also in my experience as a marketer, building a niche specific website is one of the best ways to go about building your brand and making money online.



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